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      And he fell back exhausted on his blanket.

      "Here, pardner, I'll take a cupful o' that 'ere, too," said a frazzled and frowsy teamster, shambling up through the half-light of the dawn. "I smelled it, and follered my nose till it brung me here. My, but it smells good! Jest fill my cup, and I'll do as much for you some time when you're hungry."

      "Don't mind that. Forward, boys," shouted Si. "Here's the end of the abatis."

      Shorty winked and nodded affirmatively.

      "Here, who are you? And what are you doin' out there?" came the stem inquiry from the dark depths of one of the sheds.The boys all protested that every cartridge was gone. Si assured himself of this by examination, savagely scored the train men for giving them ammunition and threatened trouble if any more was, and having relieved his mind returned to his paper in the caboose-car.



      "Is that the way with the rebel cavalry?" asked Monty Scruggs, with his mouthful of crackers and meat. "Do they come like a hurricane, and disappear again like an April shower?"


      "Why, it's only a hog, Pete!" said Shorty.